Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Account for Best Results

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Instagram was launched in 2010. Since then, there has been no decline in their growth according to statistics.

As we all know, Instagram is a photo and video sharing app; it has crossed the 1 billion active users per month mark, globally.

It has become one of the best social media platforms to interact and connect with people all around the world.

All these, possible with just a few clicks after creating an account in the app.

But Instagram is no longer only a photo and video sharing app. With more updates since the launch, it has become the most favorable platform for entrepreneurs, creators, and millions of other people.

With certain optimization in your account and some well-known hacks, you can build your own community on Instagram.

Tips and tricks or Instagram account optimization

Switch to Business Account

This is one of the best-known strategies to help grow your account on Instagram.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, creator, or just a normal user with a goal of organic reach, switching to a business account will be a game-changer for you.

With business account comes insight, functionality, analytics, and other tools.

This will give you insight into your followers, how well a post is doing in your feed and reach.

CTA- Call To Action button on your profile will help you interact more with customers or other creators alike.

Make sure you or your answer query within a given time frame so as to build a rapport and not disappoint followers.

When you maintain your business account properly, you give the impression of being a legitimate and trustworthy account to your customers or followers.

Make your followers interact with you

Be consistent with posting on feed and stories. Do this by maintaining a social calendar with where and when to post.

When you post on your feed, ask your followers a question so that they interact with you in the comment sections.

This increases the reach and keeps the follower or new people on your account occupied.

Be open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Not only on the post, but you can also now post on your stories with a questionnaire for your followers.

This will help in getting to know you or more of your brand thoroughly.

Use Hashtags for better reach

I cannot stress enough, the importance of hashtags on your post.

It is one golden rule you should never forget if you want to have an organic reach in your account.

Using hashtags related to your post or brand will help in better exposure and works best for your reach.

Use a perfect high-resolution photo, describe or write few words about it.

Then use some hashtags relevant to your post and you are good to go.

Use reels to showcase your ideas or products

With reels rolling out in mid-2020, it has seen exponential growth during the worldwide pandemic.

As it is the latest feature on Instagram right now, it has its own different reach and algorithm.

Launch teasers for your products or ideas, dance or singing, be it any niche. You are sure to get some bomb results in reels.

Because it is the most recent launch, Instagram is always looking for new ways to optimize your reels themselves.

Make your reels on the Instagram app itself and use music from the music library or do a voice-over according to your needs.

Do not export a video from another app with the watermark on it because such videos are usually not accepted on Instagram.

You will not see any growth if you do such things. Shoot the video in place with good lighting.

Use hashtags here too with a relatable caption or text on your video to keep viewers hooked.

Use the audio from the music library as it has its own different page where other creators or people can find you easily.

Use filters from the different creators as this also has a different form of reach to the people.

Know when to post

Have a time-line on when to post. Usually, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm is a good time to post for maximum reach.

But know your followers and find out when the majority of the people are active.

Do not just go on and about posting randomly.

Things to avoid if you want an organic reach on Instagram

  1. Do not copy content ideas from other fellow creators on Instagram. This is a violation and copyright infringement. If you are really inspired by their work, recreate it with your own twist. But always give the original creator proper acknowledgment and credit.
  2. Be open to suggestions and constructive criticism. This shows that you are mature enough to see what you are doing wrong. And that you have room for changes.
  3. Please do not use harsh words or bully someone on Instagram, you can always mute or block them if you are not interested.
  4. What you post has a great impact on your followers and the people who you reach, please be careful with what you write, do not try to violate any sentimental belief.
  5. Be transparent with what you do and your work, this does not mean telling your whole life story. This is only to build trust with your followers. Choose quality followers over quantity.

I hope with all these tips and tricks you will ace Instagram and grow beautifully. All the best in your endeavors.

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