Tamas Boruah


Based in Bangalore,
Founder of Verd Media
& Baruah Ventures

Tamas Boruah


About Tamas

Tamas is the founder of VERD Media and Baruah Ventures, two leading digital marketing companies in India.

Hi this is Tamas, some of you might know me as Thomas. I’m building my own Digital Marketing venture in Bangalore, working with over 50+ major companies worldwide.

Coming from a small village in Sibsagar Assam, I know how it feels to not be able to buy/get what we want. Taking that in mind, currently, I’m trying to train as many people as possible to make them able to earn a living through Digital Marketing.

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" Tamas Boruah is a motivation to several millennials to not give up on their dreams and to strive harder till they succeed. "

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