Tamas Boruah


Based in Bangalore,
Founder of Verd Media
& Baruah Ventures

Tamas Boruah


About Tamas

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website.

My name is Tamas Boruah, and I am the visionary entrepreneur behind VERD MEDIA and Baruah Ventures, two leading digital marketing agencies in India.

I am well aware of the challenges faced by those without access to opportunities and resources, which is why I am dedicated to educating as many individuals as possible in the field of digital marketing. I aim to enable people from diverse backgrounds to thrive in the digital landscape and secure a stable income. If you want to learn more or collaborate with me, please feel free to reach out.

10+ Years Of Experience


Digital Marketing Agency
Founder, 2018 - present

Baruah Ventures

Digital Marketing Agency
Founder, 2019 - present


Affiliate Marketing Network
Founder, 2022 - present

vFFiliate LLC

Affiliate Marketing Network
Founder, 2022 - present

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" Tamas Boruah is a motivation to several millennials to not give up on their dreams and to strive harder till they succeed. "

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