Tips to Make Money with Google AdSense

AdSense Tips

Google AdSense is a form of advertisement program powered by Google. It enables you to run ads on your YouTube channel, blogs, and websites and you get paid when your audiences or visitors click on the ad. 

It is not an easy way to make money if you violate the rules mentioned in the framework. But it sure can work wonders for you if you do not violate any rules or regulations and work diligently enough.

You are exactly at the right place if you are looking for helpful tips to get started with Google AdSense. I will be telling you tips to make money with Google AdSense all in detail. 

Build your own website

It is one of the most important criteria because it is where your visitor’s or audience’s first impression goes. Build a strong community and establish yourself as the brand authority and build credibility. Put up unique and high-quality content to successfully make money with Google AdSense. Bring engagement, drive traffic to your website and build your own community first before you get started with it.

Be authentic

Do not use any third-party apps to bring traffic to your website or click on your own ad. Google AdSense is smart and will detect any unusual activities quite fast which will lead to your account termination. 

Take this as a fair warning and please comply with the rules and regulations if you honestly want to succeed in your venture. Creating blogs or having your own YouTube channel is the most sure-fire way to bring organic traffic. 

Please be consistent with your work and do not expect instant results with your work. 

Optimize your website with best SEO practices

Make your website mobile-friendly and allow an easy user interface because the majority of your visitors will be using mobile when navigating through your site.

Incorporate all of the social media marketing strategies to stay ahead in the game and bring in more traffic to your website. Your website should be highly responsive and adapt to every user’s device. This will bring in repeated visitors and turn them into potential customers.

Bring forth engaging content

Your content is the most important thing in your website or platform to start with. Blog about evergreen topics and also about recent trends or updates. This way you can monetize your articles and blogs and reach a larger number of audiences. 

Make sure you are bringing forth content that you are absolutely familiar with. Working on niches in which you have your fair share of experience will act as a great traffic booster. Put up engaging and interesting content to keep your audience and visitors hooked. 

Maintain and update your website

In your blogs or articles, there may be certain things that may not be applicable anymore. Identify and make all the necessary updates that are needed to show Google that you are updated and maintaining your website properly. 

Also, check your website for any error that may have crept up and solve it as soon as possible to keep it running.

Do not promote blatantly

Be subtle with your advertising technique and strategies as nobody wants to see ads and promotions everywhere. Try to incorporate your ads in between your content and try to establish a successful connection between your content and the ad. This way you are really subtle and doing it in the most appropriate way. 

Test your ads

Do not just directly run your ads wherever you want to. It is really important to test it thoroughly before placing it on your website. This is to get an idea of how it looks and if it matches your website aesthetic. Ads looking out of place and forcefully fitted will be a major turn-off for your visitors. Because clearly you are not really subtle and making it all obvious.

Follow the rules and pay attention to mails from Google

Do not try to cheat with your per click and per-visit payment method. It may work for a while but if you continuously use such apps, your account will be terminated. 

Please do not try to find an easy way out of your work. Your struggle and hardships will shape your success. Pay attention to emails from Google. This is really important and if they want you to make changes to your website because it is not adhering to their rules. 

Take notes and make all the necessary changes as soon as possible because if you fail to do so, this will also lead to the termination of your account.

I hope this helps you clear your doubts on getting started with Google AdSense and how you can start earning from it. I hope you adhere to the rules, achieve your goals and succeed in your venture.

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