Sales Funnel Explained – Stages & How to Create One


A sales funnel is the marketing term or concept that is used to show the purchase plan or buying process for your customers or clients to go through. A sales funnel is important to generate leads and sales by providing insight to your customers or clients. 

Statistics show that business which maintains sales funnel is 68% more likely to generate sales. This is because sales funnel is an easy way to map and graph the buying or purchasing process. Your sales funnel will also give you an insight into where you are going wrong in prospecting your business and also highlight your strongest points. 

Everything is included in your sales funnel starting right from your prospects, pricing, services, etc. It is important to drive traffic and generate leads and sales respectively through the sales funnel you have prepared. 

Just like a funnel, the top stage is vast and includes many criteria while the end-stage or the bottom stage is more focused on a single or few elements.

There are three stages of a sales funnel and they are:

The Top Stage

This stage is where you can begin showcasing your products or brand to the right audience. This is the plan where you have to work on the most if you are going through building your sales funnel. This is the stage where your customers will be up in the market searching for solutions for their needs or wants.

At the top journey, you will come across customers still getting to know about their challenges. It is where you jump in and give them a long-term or profitable solution through your business. You need to clearly show why working with you and purchasing or buying from you will be worth it. 

This can all be achieved through websites, blogging, and other forms of content creation. The top stage is where you drive traffic and generate leads while finding the right and potential customers that would turn into buyers in the next stage. 

The Middle Stage

This is the sales funnel stage where you have managed to attract your potential customers. Those random visitors or audiences on your website have now turned into potential buyers.

Now you have to look for ways to generate more sales and increase your visibility further. This is the stage where you work more closely to provide the best of your website or your business to your customers. You have to provide them with content that would strongly support your business. 

A great deal of convincing is already done through your website so make sure that it is loaded with useful content in the form of images, videos, and infographics. 

To drive more force to your sales, try to optimize your website with the best SEO practices and strategies. This will be the decision-making stage in the purchase journey of your customers or clients. This is the initial stage before your client becomes certified and the customer who actually buys from you. 

Bottom or End Stage

This is the last stage of your sales funnel and is only focused on what will drive your sale appropriately. The bottom line or stage is where your customers start comparing to other businesses or your competition.

They will list out all the pros and cons of your business and how you can actually solve their problem.

Showcase the best possible side of your product or brand and do not forget to show how you are better in so many terms when compared to a competitor they are considering. This will ensure them that your products or business meet their exact requirements without burning a hole in their pocket. 

Then it becomes clear to them and they are more encouraged and driven to choose your business or product. Thus, you have successfully generated sales and growing your business. 

Important points to keep in your mind while preparing the Sales Funnel:

Understand Your Audience

Try and research what your audience is looking for in your business niche. If your business does not fulfill any customer’s purpose then I do not think it is worth it. 

Think like a customer when you are preparing your sales to funnel. This way you will be able to cover a maximum number of problems along with their solution.

Always Review Your Sales Funnel

Reviewing your sales funnel actively will help you find any error or discrepancy. You cannot afford to have any kind of flaws especially when it comes to your sales funnel. Make sure you are constantly updating and also on the lookout for errors. 

Speed up Your Lead Response Time

Vendors that respond first are where the lead and sales eventually go to. Make sure you speed up your response time and prioritize it for a better generation of sales and leads. 

The time starts when your customers hit you in the inbox with their query. Prioritize responding to them right away so as to increase sales and lead. 

Understand Your Prospects

Understanding why your prospects work or no longer works is really important for your business. 

Your prospects not working may have many reasons such as pricing or product implementation time and techniques. Identify the problem and also try to find possible solutions for it. 

I hope this helped you understand all about the sales funnel and why it is so important for your business. Now go create some sales funnels for your products and make money.

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