Reasons to Avoid Fake Followers on Instagram

Instagram Fake Followers

In this digital era, being famous means thousands of followers on a social platform. This might not always be true, as some accounts tend to buy fake followers in the hope to increase their brand engagement. 

As part of the first impression, people tend to think that the more followers an account has, the more legit it is. It may make you look famous and authentic for some time but eventually, people will be able to see right through you.

But this turns out to be disastrous rather than helpful in all scenarios. Your followers will hold you accountable if your business or profile does not look authentic. They will see that you have not been able to clear the clutter of spam profiles in your feed. Because your followers or buyers will be striving for authenticity. Followers or potential buyers will definitely want to stay away from spam or fake accounts.

Here you’ll find some good/ real reasons why you should avoid fake followers on Instagram.

Instagram Engagement

It Messes with Your Engagement

It is true that using fake followers will take a toll on your engagement. This is because when you buy fake followers, they are mere bot accounts and do not engage with you or post.

Being big on the followers’ list and having zero engagement will honestly be catastrophic for your account. In the very beginning, it might seem to be going really well by making the first impression on other people a good one. But people will soon realize that you or your brand is not legit and that it is spam.

It Might Result in You Getting Banned From that Social Platform

This holds true for any social platform. Because buying fake followers violate community guidelines or terms of use and service of any social platform. You cannot escape this as this was what you agreed within the terms and conditions and signed up on that platform. 

Instagram can identify when you have bought followers. It is just a matter of time before your account gets banned from Instagram. Well, there goes all your money in vain, the money with which you bought your fake followers. 

You will be Spammed from Bot Accounts

Getting spammed from bot accounts on each and every post you put up will be a nightmare. 

This will be visible to all your genuine followers. Eventually, they will see you as another spam account that buys followers to grow. This will lead them to unfollow you and ditch your account at the end of the day. 

Your Brand will Lose its Credibility

If you are an entrepreneur or a person who owns a business, if you continue buying fake followers, you will lose your credibility. No matter how hard you have worked in building your brand, you will face endless consequences with spam and bot accounts alike.

It is like while you were finding the easy way out, you got entangled in the world of bots with zero engagement. Customers or followers will start asking questions to see if you are authentic. 

If they feel that you are not, they might not even trust your work forget about your brand. This will eventually lead to your downfall, eventually losing even genuine followers.

You will Not Make Any Profit in Your Business

Okay, you have bought fake followers. But do you really think these fake followers will buy from you or turn you into potential buyers? 

I do not think so, because they are mostly spam accounts or bot accounts. They will just show your followers list high not your profit in your business. 

Genuine followers will buy your products and if they like them, they will share them with their friends, without having you to promote your products in any unaccepted way. 

You Put Your Account at Risk of Being Hacked

Obviously, buying fake followers is a shady business. It is not something that is legit and right. So, you start dealing with shady people giving away enough information about your account. 

This might backfire and put you at risk of being hacked. Further after being hacked, your information can be used in the wrong way. You will notice that soon after you have paid for your fake followers, you are suddenly being all spam in your emails or DMs.

You might even encounter phishing in all different forms you can imagine.

So, you see, why buying fake followers is illegal and not advised. It is not because a social platform hates you or your business. It is not advised due to safety concerns. In order to keep your personal data safe and secure, all social networking sites have strict rules against buying fake followers. 

I hope you make the right choice and not fall for such scams.

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