Getting Started in Dropshipping – A Beginner’s Guide


Dropshipping is a form of a business model that is carried out by shipping products directly from the seller to the customer. Through drop shipping, you are basically acting as a mediator and bridging the gap between a product’s demand and supply.

Dropshipping enables you to ship products from a seller to the customers directly but without really requiring you to handle the products directly. 

If you are an entrepreneur who does not have the capital or the required investment to establish an inventory to get your business started then dropshipping is the answer. It is an incredibly well-known business model that is loved by budding entrepreneurs.

With drop shipping, you will not be needed to take stress about product handling or storing. You can directly get the customer’s product shipped from the respective warehouse at your customer’s place. 

And lastly of all, the location of drop shipping is flexible, you can just start your dropshipping business sitting literally anywhere, in any corner of the world.

I will tell you all the steps that will be required on getting started with drop shipping.

Decide on your niche

Before getting started on any business, the main thing is to choose your niche. Choose a niche that you are really passionate about because this will help you stay focused and committed to your work.

Next, you need to focus on the profit and ensure that the product you will be dealing with is what customers in the market are demanding. 

Try choosing brands or products that have very low or minimum shipping costs because this will help you make the products available to your customers on free shipping. And trust me when I say this, your customers are absolutely going to love you for it. 

Try to ensure that the product you are working with is something people can buy readily at any time. Do not try to work with a product that falls in the miscellaneous category. This is because when you deal with miscellaneous products, you will not be able to drive any profit out of them.

Only a few privileged people will be able to afford it or will be interested. And try to focus on selling products that are not easily available to your customers or locally available. This way you are going to target a major audience and customers in your website and business. 

People love exotic and imported products, you will be able to increase your profit and bring about growth in your business this way.

Deal with trustworthy suppliers

This will be really important for your business as it will be the brand’s image and credibility that will drive income to your business. Getting in business with the wrong supplier will be the downfall of your business.

Most of the suppliers will be based overseas and you need to have solid communication with one another if you want things to go in the right direction. You can secure the best supplier by performing thorough research firsthand. 

Then you should communicate properly with the supplier to make sure that you have all your doubts and query solved. You need to build trust in each other so as to run your business smoothly. 

Establish your own eCommerce website

The best way to establish your brand identity and boost sales is to launch your own website. Website plays a powerful role in driving traffic to your website and also turn your customers into potential buyers. 

It is not so difficult to launch your own website, there are many free tools and platforms you can use to build one if you want to give it a try before really spending your money. Launching your own eCommerce website will help you establish your brand identity and build credibility. 

It helps in making customers reach out to you easily and also search for products they would like to purchase. Lastly, it makes the order process a whole lot easier and simpler. 

Perform your research on potential competitors

Like all businesses, even drop shipping has lots of competition in the market. And you have to make peace with the fact that you will also be competing with retail giants like Amazon or Flipkart. 

Learn from your website statistics thoroughly and properly in order to identify areas that need your attention. Study the chart or graph of your competitors to get some idea of how you can be better and steps ahead of them in the market. 

Dive into the world of social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool and when it comes to business, you should use it to your advantage to make the most out of it. This simply means that you have to fully optimize your website for your business to grow exponentially using various social media marketing strategies. 

Work on your on and off-page SEO, promote your brand or products on various social media platforms. 

Write blogs on different topics to keep your audience engaged with your website and also to bring in organic traffic that will turn into potential customers. Run ads on the different social media platforms to reach your target audience in every corner.

So, now you know why drop shipping is important and how you should get started with it. Hope these points will be helpful to you in your venture with drop shipping. I wish you all the best. Hers’s hoping that everything turns out great.

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