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Must have WordPress Plugins

Choosing the right plugins for your WordPress website is really important as it is defining factor of your website. Choosing among the 58,000+ plugins of WordPress can be really hard. So, to make it easier for you, I have curated a list of the top 10 WordPress plugins you need to have for your website. 

WP Rocket

It is one of the best WordPress plugins available due to its ability to improve your website speed to a great extent. It is really easy to use and quite powerful as compared to other plugins available for WordPress.

You can optimize or customize the file types of your choice and choose from files like HTML and font files. It does not need much work and automatically optimizes your website by turning on settings of your cache like page cache and pre-loading of cache.

It also offers you Imagify, which is a free app to optimize your images all for free and which will help in boosting your website. WP helps in boosting your website performance and create a user-friendly interface. 

It is priced at $49 for a single website, $99 for 3 websites, and $249 for an infinite number of websites all for 1-year support along with updates. 

Pretty Links Pro

It is one of the best URL shrinking WordPress plugins available in the market. Pretty Links Pro help in making your affiliate links shorter and more adaptable to certain changes according to your website.

It is most loved by affiliate marketers and bloggers because it makes sharing and incorporating affiliate links very easy in WordPress. Apart from affiliate links, you can also shorten the URLs of your post or even pages to help you in sharing to social platforms easier and also in email campaigns. 

It is priced at $47.20/year for beginners, $79.20/year for marketers, and $159.20/year for the super affiliates. You will be getting 1 year of updates and also customer support with each and every plan. 


It is one of the most well-known plugins available for WordPress. There are over more than 5 million WordPress website that is built using this plugin.

The main reason why this plugin is loved by a major number of people is that it is a platform that is open-source for eCommerce built especially for WordPress. 

Due to this, it is highly customizable and provides various integrations option. It is totally free of cost. 


It is one of the most popular plugins that is available for WordPress. It is a web page builder plugin that comes with an easy drag and drops feature to make web page building easier.

It is highly customizable and has an extremely easy user interface. This is the reason why it is most loved by beginners and bloggers. It comes with a wide range of elements and features that make your web page building easier.

Elementor also allows integration with third-party apps to help you in better management of your website. 

Elementor is available for free to install and use. If you want to unlock all the features of Elementor, it is priced at $49 for 1 site, $99 for 3 sites, and $199 for infinite websites. 


It is one of the best WordPress plugins available that help in creating membership sites, online courses, and communities. 

It is a premium form of the plugin so it comes with many handy and powerful features like allowing group membership, automation features, and course management. It can also be well integrated with many third-party apps and email marketing platforms like ConvertKit and Mailchimp that will help in the better user interface. 

It also has a 14-day money-back guarantee scheme with no risk if you do not like MemberPress. It is priced at $179/year for the basic plan, $299/year for the plus plan, and $399/year for the pro plan. 


It is one of the best plugins available for WordPress that is loved by bloggers and business owners alike. This is because OptinMonster is the best of all when it comes to conversion rate optimization of a website. 

It will help you boost sales and engagement by converting uninterested website visitors into subscribing to your newsletter and thus boosting conversions. It comes with a drag and drops feature to give you a user-friendly interface. 

It allows a great deal of personalization to your campaign and marketing strategies so you can boost your conversion rate and visibility. 

It is priced at $9/month for the basic plan, $19/month for the plus plan, and $29/month for the pro plan. But there is a free version that is available which can be obtained after you signup from inside the plugin of WordPress.

All in One SEO

This is a very popular plugin that helps you with all sorts of SEO-related features to increase your traffic. It is used in over 2 million websites and offers the best solution and best features for your page. 

It helps you in integrating and making proper SEO titles, keywords, and meta descriptions for a better ranking of your website or page. It is priced at $99.50/year for the plus plan, $199.50/year for the pro plan, and $299.50/year for the elite plan. 


It is one of the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugins that is available in the market. It is the best in providing you with useful insight on website visitors and the number of engagements. 

This plugin will help you optimize to the best standard of SEO in order to boost your traffic or visitors and increase your revenue exponentially.

A free version of MonsterInsights is available but for the paid version, the pricing starts from $99.50/year for the plus plan, $199.50/year for the pro plan, and $399.50/year for the agency plan.


WPForms is one of the best plugins of WordPress that enables you to get in touch with your customers and audience in the easiest and most efficient way. 

The powerful feature of WPForms is customized WordPress user login or registration forms, geolocation tracking, conversational forms, form abandonment, and GDPR friendly. With the help of the WPForms plugin, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads. 

It is priced at $39.50/year for the basic plan, $99.50/year for the plus plan, $199.50 for the pro plan, and $299.50/year for the elite plan. 


PushEngage is also one of the most popular WordPress plugins available in the market that specializes in the push notification. It will help you send customized and targeted messages to your clients or website visitors and event announcements. 

This will eventually lead to boosted traffic and more conversion. It is most loved by bloggers and publishers alike because it seamlessly sends any notification for updates and uploads. Some of the features included in PushEngage are A/B testing, analytics, goal tracking, user segmentation, and reminders for smooth and powerful functioning. 

A free version of PushEngage is available and the paid plan is priced at $9/month for the business plan and $29/month for the premium plan. 

These are the 10 best WordPress plugins that helps you build a great website. We’ll be keep updating this page with more exciting plugins.

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